Author: Brunosantos

Africa: nothing like on the ground experience

After two months studying the African continent, I thought that I had a good feeling of what I would expect to see during the trip. I was expecting a continent ¬†with different languages and cultures, ethnic conflicts and many social and economic challenges to overcome. I was somewhat right, but … Read more 

Rwanda: a country under reconstruction

One of the most horrifying events of human history happened 20 years ago in Rwanda. Over the course of 100 days from April 6 to July 16 of 1994, more than 1 million Tutsis and few Hutus (two different ethnic groups from Rwanda) were murdered.
The genocide was the heydays of … Read more 

First Impressions: South Africa

Soon after landing in Rwanda, I began to reflect on the first 5 days in Africa. Visit Johannesburg and Pretoria was an amazing experience. Intimately experience the memories of a very recent period in which the country was divided between Blacks and Whites and live the consequences of this regime … Read more 

Africa is right there….

Africa always caught my attention. I often questioned myself how could one continent have at the same time a so vibrant and happy people (at least in the TV shows) and so many problems. As a Brazilian very engaged with public and social sector, I have tried to compare the … Read more