Author: Damien Niam

Damien Niam

MBA at MIT and MPA at Harvard. Interested in value investing, economic policy, financial regulation/reform, and economic thought. BA in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

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Final thoughts: Government, Inequality, and Safari

I’ve always enjoyed study tours at Sloan – this is the second one I’ve participated (the other was to Israel/Palestine last year), and depending on the theme and destinations, I’m not ruling out a third. The educational experience and cultural immersion aside, there cannot be a better bonding experience than travelling with 27 … Read more 

Rwanda and Singapore

Returning to the hotel room few evenings ago, I searched the phrase “Rwanda AND Singapore” on Google. As I expected, these articles from The Economist, Bloomberg, and The East African, each comparing Rwanda to Singapore, came up as top results. The Economist goes as far … Read more 

The 3C’s: Capital, China, Corruption

This week we had the pleasure of having Gaiv Tata, Director of the Growth Solutions for Development, speak to the class on capital formation in Africa. Echoing my blog from last week, he concluded that “African countries provide promising investment opportunities, but knowledge of local context is crucial”. He also … Read more 

Doing business and investing in “Africa”

The past week has been a bout of reality checks in the month before I leave for Africa.
It began on Tuesday in class, when Sloan Professor Tavneet Suri and World Bank Ombudsman Thomas Zgambo uprooted my mis-perceptions of the continent, and ended on Friday at the Sloan Investment Conference, where … Read more