Author: Irene

Land of a Thousand Hills

One of my favorite settings to shoot was Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills:

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Retracing an ugly history and emerging hopeful

As trip organizers, we thought it would be nice to begin each country segment with a relaxed city tour that would acclimate us to our new locale while giving us a run-down of the top cultural and historical sights.
What I did not realize was that in South Africa and Rwanda, … Read more 

Sloanies in Africa

I am writing a blog I did not expect to write, because I’m not usually the sentimental type. But I was so impressed by my classmates – by their thoughtfulness, curiosity, and courage – that I wanted to share just a little of their awesome-ness.
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How do you know when you’re in a developing country?

How do you know when you’re in a developing country? This question lingered with me throughout the trip, partially because I want to break stereotypes about Africa but also because I’m curious about the patterns that exist and what they might mean. So here’s a first stab at a list … Read more