Author: Jarbas Santos Pinheiro

Look for action! Look for challenges! Surprise yourself!

This final reflection upon the recent Africa Study Tour I was part of is really for prospective students who are considering MIT Sloan as one of their schools.
One of the 3 “big things” I wanted to do during my MBA at Sloan was Africa – this continent has always had … Read more 

Action learning leading into critical thinking

As I landed in Johannesburg last March 15th to start what would be one the most unforgettable experiences of my MBA journey, I was reading a book named “The man who knows”, written by Viviane Mosé, a contemporary Brazilian philosopher. That Sunday would be my first day into the Africa … Read more 

Intriguing Dar Es Salaam

As some of my Africa Study Tour colleagues have described, Dar Es Salaam has some challenges to overcome as a city. From basic infrastructure, such as paved and cleaner streets, to more “advanced” features such as public transportation flowing with an organized traffic of cars. Yes, traffic congestions are major … Read more 

Boldness is critical to grow, a lesson from Rwanda

As I sat in the Kigali’s airport yesterday waiting for my plane to head off to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, I reflected upon the amazingly positive impression I had about Rwanda. What impressed me the most was their ability to design and implement a comprehensive agenda for growth, knowing what … Read more