Author: Katianegreiros1

The tourism in Africa

Most people when we think about tourism in Africa immediately think about Safaris. This is such an important part of the tourism in Africa, but there are many other things to see in this amazing continent.
Talking about only the Sub-Saharan Africa, there are many beautiful beaches, amazing historical sites… Africa … Read more 

Africa is a continent, not a country…

This was my first visit to Africa and visiting South Africa, Rwanda and Tanzania I could have a taste of how diverse this continent is.
In Johannesburg we could see a developed city, with many established businesses, a nice infrastructure. Despite all the inequality we still can see there, it is … Read more 

Such a good team!

This is my second study tour and one of the many trips I participated during my time at Sloan. Having a good team of people travelling with you is such an important component of having a successful trip.
During this study tour we have one faculty, one staff member and 26 students from … Read more 

Why do we have expectations?

I have been preparing myself for this trip since December, but only when I got into the airplane for my almost 30 hours flight from Boston to Johannesburg, I realized how excited I am and how many questions I still have. The last few weeks were very busy and I … Read more