Author: Katy Shaw

Economic Legacies of Colonialism in Tanzania

As a history major, I couldn’t help but notice legacies of colonialism in each of the countries that we visited. ¬†Although the racial legacies of discrimination and the creation of “other-ness” are what come to mind first, I was really interested by the less obvious legacies that we observed in … Read more 

Sloan Safari

In spite of all of Tanzania’s many economic and social challenges, they definitely got one thing right: the Serengeti National Park. Unlike many conservation areas that are isolated from one another and really don’t benefit the ecosystem because they don’t allow large mammals sufficient area for migratory movement, the … Read more 

Making Connections in the Rwandan Countryside

Yesterday we had the pleasure to visit a coffee washing station for Buf Coffee supported by Root Capital out in the countryside of Rwanda. It was about a 4 hour drive from Kigali (the capital) to the village we visited and it was a pleasure to get out of the … Read more 

Policy Stability for Renewable Energy in Africa (and the US)

This week we were pleased to welcome Rob Stoner, Deputy Director for Science and Technology at the MIT Energy Initiative, to our class to talk about the opportunity for low-carbon electrification in Africa. As an entrepreneur, Rob has a good sense for what conditions are required for entrepreneurs to … Read more