Author: Madelainemessenkopf

Study Tour Highlights

It’s been a week since I got back from Tanzania. Now that classes have started again and everyone has come back from their travels, I genuinely enjoy catching up with people. Surprisingly, I do not get tired of writing and telling everyone about South Africa, Rwanda, and Tanzania. It really has been … Read more 

Dar es Salaam: we heard that…

After traveling to South Africa and Rwanda we spent three days in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We met with government officials, investment vehicles, and agricultural processing companies.
Those three days were intense, but informative. We learned how the company Arti produces charcoal briquette out of agricultural waste, such as coconut shells … Read more 

Three days in Johannesburg

Like most people I like to travel. Traveling to South Africa, Rwanda, and Tanzania during SIP and spring break while learning about drivers of growth in those countries seemed very interesting to me. So far we visited South Africa and Rwanda. During the three days in South Africa we visited … Read more 

I’d like to know…

I just looked at my watch and realized that it’s already Friday afternoon, which means I am leaving for Johannesburg in less than 24 hours! I still haven’t packed and it feels like my “To Do List” gets longer every minute. Normally, it’s exactly this feeling of being behind schedule … Read more