Author: Sareena Khera

Sareena Khera

Ms. Khera is interested in technology as a vehicle for economic development. Her focus professionally has been on improving the cost effectiveness and quality of the US healthcare system. She is completing her MBA at MIT Sloan currently and holds a BA from Columbia University.


Reflecting on Africa

Below, I selected some of my favorite moments of the trip to share in photos.
Before we assembled and began the Study Tour officially in Johannesburg, half of the group ventured to Cape Town. I thought Cape Town was incredibly beautiful. The penguins and the sunset below are just examples. … Read more 

Buying ice cream in Dar Es Salaam

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania is growing fast. The best way to describe this is by telling a story. Driving back from a meeting in the city center, only 1 KM from our hotel, we were sitting in traffic for two hours. It was the kind of gridlocked traffic in which … Read more 

Farming and Rwandan Growth

The Rwandan countryside is gorgeous. Rolling green hills interpolated by rice, coffee, and fish farms make you realize how different the greenery of its countryside is from other parts of Africa. Every shade of green coexists with the brilliantly colored and patterned African fabrics. Women and men carry baskets on … Read more 

Preparing to visit Africa

Sitting amongst a classroom of twenty bright MIT Sloan students, I feel lucky to experience Africa for the first time with such thoughtful individuals that each have a unique perspective. I chose to visit Africa for the first time as a part of my MBA because I wanted to deepen … Read more