Look for action! Look for challenges! Surprise yourself!

This final reflection upon the recent Africa Study Tour I was part of is really for prospective students who are considering MIT Sloan as one of their schools.

One of the 3 “big things” I wanted to do during my MBA at Sloan was Africa – this continent has always had a special place in my heart, and part of it is due to the incredible influence Africa has over Brazilian history and culture. Part of it is also encouraged by a sense of admiration for peoples that, despite such a tough recent history, find resilience and peace to keep making things differently, growing, living.

Prospective students out there, list your “big things” to accomplish during your MBA, challenge your own assumptions, find a spot through which you can also contribute and make a difference. Embrace action and learning. This has been one the most amazing experiences I have ton through at MIT Sloan, and I highly recommend it for future classmates!

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