Sloanies in Africa

I am writing a blog I did not expect to write, because I’m not usually the sentimental type. But I was so impressed by my classmates – by their thoughtfulness, curiosity, and courage – that I wanted to share just a little of their awesome-ness.

From the very first opportunity for our class to hear from student panelists, I was impressed by those who came to join us. First their willingness to commit a late hour on a Monday evening and then the deliberateness with which they relayed their experiences. There were no simple truisms or convenient generalizations. Instead they spoke with honesty about their views on South Africa, Rwanda, and Tanzania

On the trip, my peers have been intensely curious about their surroundings, drawing parallels with their own countries and observing subtle cues that I missed. Their questions towards guest speakers have been thoughtful and sincere, even in areas where they have little exposure. They also have demonstrated tremendous courage in simply putting themselves out there to take a chance and fully engage on this study tour. Finally they have generously supported one another in all the up’s and down’s of an intense trip.

I am humbled and blessed to be surrounded by such incredible people!

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