Israel Lab 2018

Follow along as MIT Sloan Israel Lab students blog about their onsite project experiences during January 2018!

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“How was your time in… Well I call it Palestine.”

Ding Ding Ding! The bells sound indicating the round has begun. My opponent sits across the table from me putting his defenses up as his first jab of words lands. I hold on to my coffee sweating in my corner, with no training, no will to fight. I was not … Read more 

Dextina Adventures

I’m later than the average bear but I wanted to share a few final thoughts on the experience.
Throughout the trip I went on mini adventures to see what I could get into, and what would find me. In Jerusalem I met a young Bedouin vendor who’s family owned a few … Read more 

Final Reflection

A little late here, but just wanted to share my over-all impression of our adventure to the Startup Nation!
I don’t think I’ve ever been somewhere quite as unique as Israel, and it was really was a trip of a lifetime.  Culturally, historically, and geographically, it was so beautiful and engaging, … Read more 

TIme for Chicken!

After a successful final presentation with the CEO, team Time to Know ventures to their favorite rotisserie chicken spot whose service leaves some to  be desired, but whose chicken is stunning.
The perfect wrap-up to the week!
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A bit about weekend trip

In addition to culture and religion, the richness of nature is also a highlight of Israel lab. It is brilliant that 20,000 square kilometers have this many places to go.
The most beautiful site I would say was the area around Masada, an ancient city built on a hill that overlooks … Read more 

Startup Nation


This time, I’ll illustrate a bit about my project. (as you may know, the information I can write here’s because of NDA, but I’ll do my best!!)
I have helped Business Development with a startup which develop a medical device.
As many of you already know, Israel is known to have many, … Read more 

Endospan Team Video!

Hi everyone,
We’re more than happy to share our team video with you! It captures some of our most favorite moments from this outstanding adventure!
Bowen, Daniel, Yuki, and Lukas

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Post-Travel Reflection: How can this tiny country create so many world-changing startups?

Hi everyone!
I’m back in cold and snowy Boston now. I can’t believe that these outstanding 3.5 weeks have already passed by. At the beginning of my journey, I asked myself how a country with less than 9 million inhabitants can create so many world-changing ideas & startups. I believe that … Read more 

Favorite memories of I-Lab

Wow, time does fly when we are enjoying ourselves. Can’t believe that 3 weeks in Israel have already come to an end. There are many things that I wanted to mention but considering that it is a final blog post, I want to write about my favorite memories from this … Read more 

Telling people what it is like to live in Israel.

Time flies. Now is about two weeks after my last day in Tel Aviv. Some details about the trip seems to slowly fade away. But the trip has left me with a strong impression that will stick with me for a long time, if not forever.
Last summer, I had the … Read more 

Come Back to Boston

I’ve now been back to Boston! Three weeks with our host company in Israel went through pretty fast. It was a fascinating hands-on experience. As our host company is an early stage startup, the team had 7 people in total excluding us and the atmosphere was very informal and warm. … Read more 

Reflection and suggestions

I am so happy that I finally made it to finish the onsite work with my team. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed my stay there. Here are some of my key takeaways, reflections suggestions about this course.
1. Team set-up. At the beginning I did not understand why the … Read more