Come for the Pita, stay for the chutzpah!


What a first week in Israel!!

Where do I even begin??

Our team arrived on Saturday (12 January) so we can start work on Sunday (In Israel, like some of the other Middle Eastern economies, the work week is from Sunday – Thursday and Friday/Saturday are the weekend.). We were quickly onboarded: our workstations were already in place, we got our passes soon after arriving at the office, our emails were already setup, we had been granted access to all internal resources we needed for our work — nothing quite prepares you when the efficiency and the ‘just get it done’ mentality of the Israeli people hits you for the first time. Everybody seemed like they knew what to do, and they want to get it done pronto! Our team also quickly fell into the rythm and in just the first week, we had made significant progress in our work, visited Jerusalem, tried some of the best food places in Israel and participated in MassChallenge!

What a week!


Dome of the Rock and The Weeping Wall, Jerusalem.


Yosef Hummus, Tel Aviv. Ask for the boiled eggs & chickpeas. You are welcome.

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