Final Week 3

Back in Boston from Israel, I am already missing the sunshine and warmth in the Mediterranean.

The 3rd and last week in Israel, our team was working hard for the final deliverables. We had a 3 hour meeting to go through our draft slides. There was some intense discussion, but we already learnt to defend and insist in the Israeli way which helped a lot. Our host company was direct, asking questions and giving suggestions, while we were as direct replying and explaining where we think we were doing the right thing. After the detailed discussion and improvement from draft version, the final presentation turned out a success and we believe our host company was happy and satisfied with our work and proposals.

Besides work, we experienced a protest of over a thousand people in center Tel Aviv, very close to our office. It was a well-organized and rational protest rather than chaos, with policeman blocking the streets from automobiles, and protesters marching on pre-determined route and shouting their slogans. It was an interesting and unique experience, to witness such a large protest.

Time flies and our journey in Israel came to end. I enjoyed the IAP in Israel very much and would definitely recommend Israel Lab!


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