Israel Lab (Recap)

Alright, we are back to Boston now! It’s freezing cold here, unlike Tel Aviv. I really missed the beaches and the warm weather despite we went to Israel in the winter. But besides that, there are a lot more that I missed about Israel. I really enjoyed working at the Yotpo: our colleagues are so friendly and helpful, but also, they really professional and knowledgeable about their products and customer. Additionally, our boss is incredibly present and engaging in this process. As Ophir promised, he made sure that we had fun outside of work even, even though he could be serious in a professional setting.

I also miss living in a house with my three roommates and basically being with them 24/7. I’d like to say that we are very different but also got along very well. We appreciate the strengths and value of the skillsets of each member. Each of them has provided me with valuable advice and feedbacks. They helped me to think about my career path and even embrace the uncertainty of it. Furthermore, I can see myself working in a start-up setting, though I still need to learn about managing the scope of work and seeing the bigger picture.

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