Looking back at the three weeks in Israel

The experience I had living in Tel Aviv for three weeks was something that was unique and something that I learned quite a lot from.

Before arriving in Tel Aviv, the Israeli work culture was completely new to me. I was used to a work environment that was more top down and process oriented. Working in an environment that organically evolves to adapt to different needs, has flat company hierarchies and is very open and vocal, has given me a fresh outlook to solve problems. I will be taking the value add to tackle problems in the transportation sector in the future.

I could notice the profound and positive impact that the military service has on the Israeli people’s outlook on life while working at Windward. Being exposed to responsibilities early in life helps people bring out greater maturity and when they start university studies, it helps identify and pursue a career that is of great interest to them.  The experience of interacting with my colleagues, who were primarily from the navy, gave me a first hand look into this.

If given the chance, I would not hesitate to recommend working with a startup or company in Israel. It will be an experience that helps enrich perspectives towards life itself.



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