Post-travel blog

After finishing the project in Israel for three weeks, I came back to Boston. Now, I am only hoping that our activities will be beneficial for future of our host company.

Before starting the project, I was worried about how much I could contribute, but in the end, in addition to the tasks assigned by the host company, by making suggestions based on our own point of view, we could produce results beyond the expectation. Although I have never worked in a start-up company and have no professional expertise in the host company’s products, considering the reason why I was able to contribute at least somehow, I will reach the importance of diversity. After all, ideas / opinions coming out of groups with similar values and experiences exist on the extension line of past activities, there is no unexpectedness. Meanwhile, ideas from members with completely different contexts are sometimes opinions that reveal blind spots or overlooked points. Even if that opinion was the same as the idea from existing members, it can be said that the validity of the idea was supported from another viewpoint. Managing diversity is to require skills, and sometimes inefficient. However, I felt there is value that can only be achieved by accepting diversity through these three weeks.

This experience is very simple once it expressed in words. However, being able to understand with this simple fact with myself was an experience that was actually eye opining for me.

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