Recap of my three weeks in Israel

The three weeks in Israel was full of culture, history, and dynamism of the start-up ecosystem.

Growing up in Japan where most of the population is not or seems not to be religious, I have not thought so deeply about how religion unites or divides people. In Israel, I felt that different religious groups co-existed under constant tension. It was more obvious in Jerusalem, and I realized that how little I knew about the long history of conflicts. Exploring the city also reminded me how precious peace is.

Life at a start-up was completely new for me as I worked for big enterprises before Sloan. “We are a start-up, so things change quickly.” Our mentor said on the first day. I enjoyed the fast-paced and fluid environment as I like change. Although many can look different every day, I found that one thing which does not and will not change – an entrepreneur’s passion and the strong belief in its product and future. For example, my mentor was joking about his passion for the business and said, “My wife knows I love serverless more than my kids.”

I also felt that the culture of the Israeli military which minimizes hierarchy. Although I did not understand what our co-workers were talking about (because it was in Hebrew!)  they looked like discussing very openly. I believe that this is one of the strengths of Israeli start-ups which differentiates them from others.

Overall, the three weeks in Israel was eye-opening, memorable and fun! It was sad to say good-bye to co-workers and dogs (we had three dogs in the office!), and I hope our roads will cross again!




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