That’s it for now! Later, Tel Aviv ✌

All the work we had done so far in the form of our research and interviews, was finally taking shape with our findings and recommendations for the team. It was great to see our work being well received by the ICL team and their commitment to continue on the path of innovation, improving value props for external partnerships and really doubling down on cultivating that culture within the organization.

In the run up to our final presentation, we spent our time working hard. And to let the steam off, the team went for some celebratory drinks on the last day.

Outside work, we spent the week exploring more of the country. One evening was spent having dinner at our TA’s place with her family who were our gracious hosts. We saw a different side of Israel in the form of a Moshav. The same evening we witnessed an Ethiopian-led protest in Tel Aviv where thousands were on the road.

All in all, it was a great 3 weeks in Israel where I found myself immersing in the culture, the food, meeting new people and trying my hands at new things!

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