What do you mean we have to go back to Boston?

It’s the last week of our onsite phase. We were so busy working hard and playing hard we have no idea where did the last 2 weeks go. The project is in its most crucial and most exciting phase. All that research and analysis done in the last two weeks is starting to show us glimpses of what we will discover and we love what we see!

And somehow, we managed to find time to visit the Great Synagogue, stroll along artsy Neve Tzedek , get our mudpacks on in the Dead Sea and brave the deserts in Jordan!

Just going around Tel Aviv – walking along narrow winding streets, talking to shop owners, cab drivers, queuing in a jam-packed hole-in-the-wall places, exchanging smiles and nods with friendly strangers – results in a sensory overload. The sounds of busy streets, the delicious aroma floating in the air, warm, sincere smile – all of it grows on you and you begin to fall in love with the place.

As we all finish a call with the New York office late into one evening, our sense of accomplishment is somewhat tinged by a hint of sadness that this wonderful adventure is about to come to an end.

We have identified the bottleneck.

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