Working Effectively (On-site Blog 2)

Okay, now that we are done with the foods part, let’s talk about the work part. In this project, we are working with a mid-sized Sass company to re-design a new pricing structure. On the first day of this project, we were welcomed by our collogues in Tel Aviv. Our project manager introduced us to the growth manager, went over some initial materials regarding the project, and took us out for lunch. Everything was manageable at first. Though the ‘honeymoon’ phase didn’t last long. Our first deliverable on day 2 is to have a project plan. We delivered an excel sheet with four different workstreams and incremental deadlines for each task. I remembered thinking to myself, this is good and we should be fine. Two hours later, our manager replied to our email, listing out numbers of comments. He was straightforward. There’re disagreements, but nothing really personal. Additionally, one comment I noticed is that, he asked us to break down our deliverable on a daily basis. I was shocked since I didn’t expect the project to be that demanding and intense. There’s really no time to waste, and we need to be ready to get things done and be effective.

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