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Erica Swallow

Erica Swallow is a technology writer, startup entrepreneur, and status quo wrecker. She is currently an MBA candidate at the MIT Sloan School of Management and her thoughts have been published in a number of esteemed outlets, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post, among others.

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The Yarn: My Experience Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve At Sloan

MIT The Yarn May 2015 Featured

Class of 2015 MBAs Esteban Lubensky, Kathy Lin, Erica Swallow, Liat Kaver, Dan Schiffman, and Adam Traina presented at the May 2015 “Graduation” gathering of The Yarn.
Business school is many things: Challenging, social, exploratory, path-defining, thought-provoking. But one word you don’t often hear associated with the MBA is emotional. … Read more 

Testing A Career Path With An Independent Study

Two years at Sloan have come and gone, and throughout the experience, people have periodically asked me about my favorite part of the MBA program. Indeed, after first year came to a close, I wrote about my favorite aspects of the program — the class discussions, international treks, … Read more 

How To Get the Most Out of IAP

Tea at MIT Tatte Bakery

During the month of January at MIT, we celebrate the freedom of choice and individuality with Independent Activities Period (IAP), a time where students and MIT community members can “organize, sponsor and participate in a wide variety of activities, including how-to sessions, forums, athletic endeavors, lecture series, films, … Read more 

Boston Students Make a Splash at Dublin’s Web Summit

Eleven MIT Sloan MBAs were selected as part of Web Summit’s MBA Scholars Program, of which ten are pictured. (Image courtesy of Takuya Takizume)
Nearly two dozen graduate and undergraduate students from Boston area universities participated in the Web Summit’s MBA and Student Scholars Program, including representatives … Read more 

MBA Mastery: The Art Of Balancing Focus and Exploration

Area Four tchotchkes

I was standing in line at Area Four, one of the best cafes near MIT, when I noticed a shelf of tchotchkes above the register area, full of what seemed to be randomly acquired memories and keepsakes. A rough wooden carving of New Hampshire, with the state motto written, all-caps … Read more 

On Being A Female In Venture Capital

Above: A visual look at my summer in venture capital.
Standing in my cubicle, I heard a deep, muffled voice in the office kitchen exclaim, “We should hire some more girls here!” On the other side of that conversation, another 20-something male responded, “We have Erica, the summer intern.” And … Read more 

5 Things I Love about MIT Sloan

Year one as an MBA has come to an end, and summer is here. The second-years have left the building, and it’s up to the Class of 2015 to take the reigns. No more core courses. No more first-year blues. Just summer sun and internships and one more year of … Read more 

An Ode to Second-Year Sloanies

The single-most important resource I’ve utilized as a first-year Sloan MBA – and that I also benefited from as an applicant – is the pool of second-year Sloanies.
Read more  Read more 

Experiencing The Beer Game at Sloan Orientation

The Beer Game was one of the most impactful events I participated in during this year’s MIT Sloan orientation week.
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How To Master MIT Move-in Day

Move-in day is one big logistics nightmare. Most likely, you’ll have to deal with renting a truck, understanding parking regulations, buying and selling furniture, forwarding your mail from your previous address, turning on utilities, scheduling installation dates, filling up your fridge, packing and unpacking, and a slew of other tasks … Read more