Author: Lauren Pully

Spring Gala

Spring Gala is an annual tradition at Sloan.  We all head to Newport, RI for a weekend of fun!
It was great to see everyone dressed up, and enjoy an amazing dinner overlooking a great view.  Below is a photo of several Pacifics and our SOs!

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Sloanies take India

I just returned from an amazing two weeks in India.  I traveled to India as part of India Lab, an action learning course.  We were assigned to a company to work with out of Bangalore, and assisted them with high level strategy questions.
We spent two weeks in Bangalore working as … Read more 

Let’s Go Back to Park City

4 days in Park City with 288 Sloanies was a fantastic way to finish off IAP.
Highlights included:

Skiing down the mountain with 100 other people the last day
Getting to know 6 other Sloanies who were not in my Ocean who stayed in my condo
Enjoying fondu with 50 other people
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When I first heard about IAP, it seemed like a fancy word for a six-week vacation. While it was great to have some time off from class, as I write the post from a plane 5 weeks later, the vacation is only beginning.
Everyone’s experience with IAP is very different. … Read more 

Veteran’s Day at MIT Sloan

Growing up in Texas, Veteran’s Day was a part of the culture.  However, it was not until I started at MIT Sloan that I had the opportunity to get to know so many amazing Veterans.  Although I knew that Sloan would be diverse, I did not expect to meet so many Veterans or realize … Read more 

Camp Sloan

What do you get when you mix sixty strangers, raw eggs, and the outdoors?  An unforgettable weekend at Camp Sloan!
A favorite tradition at Sloan is “Camp Sloan.”  Sloanies go into the woods for one night to camp, hang out with friends, and meet people from different Sloan programs.
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A Week at Sloan with my Core Team

This week was a pivotal week for my core team.  We were forced to work together on several group projects, and I learned something new about each of my teammates because of it.
Last weekend we had our first group case assignment – we were assigned a case in our Data, Models, and Decisions … Read more 

Surfs Up and Week One is Done

I can’t believe that I have finally finished my first week of classes!  Although this is technically just the beginning, it feels like I have been waiting for this moment for over a year.
I spent that last year working as a computer programmer at an investment bank.   I am originally from Texas and moved to … Read more