Author: Maria Troein

What Policing Can Teach Us About Unconscious Bias

A lot of my friends on Facebook have been posting about Ferguson over the past week. My instinct has been to think I don’t have that much to add beyond what’s already been said more eloquently by others. I’ve also been nervous about adding my voice to the mix. I’m … Read more 

A week in the life of a second-year MBA student

Myth: Once you know what you’re doing after graduation, the second year of an MBA is one long vacation.
Fact: There’s too much to do at Sloan to sleep away the days, and all that “free time” quickly gets filled. As a case in point I give you exhibit A, a week … Read more 

More Than Halfway Through The Summer!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already late July, and the summer is already more than halfway over!
It’s been a busy summer. I’m in Boston, interning with a big-3 management consulting firm. My weeks usually involve a few days travelling to the client site, so during the weekends I’ve been … Read more 

What Makes Sloan Different

I was planning on writing a post about my favourite moments from the spring – there are a lot! – but reading John’s post from a few days ago, I realized that what John describes in his post was by far the most defining moment for me this spring. … Read more 

Batteries recharged

I have to admit, I was very ready for spring break. There’s a constant temptation at business school to squeeze 30 hours of activity into a 24-hour day, and learning to prioritize is probably the top skill that we learn in our amazing two years here. For most of the … Read more 

Park City, here I come!

I’m writing this en route to Park City, Utah, where I’ll be spending the next four days skiing and socializing with 288 other Sloanies. The past month has been very busy – first finals at the end of December, then two weeks travelling with my family over Christmas, and then … Read more 

Fun with Post-it Notes

We went through a lot of post-it notes on Friday.
It was all in the name of helping local companies think through some of their business challenges using design thinking. We were at the Newton office of Continuum, a top-tier design and innovation consultancy that’s very generously mentoring the Design Club’s “Design Works” program. … Read more 

Hacking Arts!

Wow, what a weekend. My first hackathon! This whole concept was new to me when I came to Sloan – a weekend focused on pitching, working on and then presenting solutions to any challenge you can think of. There have been a couple of these hackathons already this semester, but Hacking … Read more 

Good luck applicants!

I know that a lot of you 2016-ers have just submitted your applications. Congratulations! It took a lot of work to get to this point, and you deserve some time off from the application process.
On this side of things, we're so excited to meet you. We really are! So … Read more 

Week 1!

I've had an absolutely amazing week. We've just finished Orientation week – in theory the first time we meet our classmates – but most of us got a head start in some way or another. For me that head start was the Sloan rafting trip last weekend, which is up … Read more