Author: Nadir Vissanjy

The End of an Amazing Chapter!

Well, this chapter is over. After three years of graduate studies, I now hold degrees from both the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and MIT Sloan School of Management. This is a chapter in my book of life that I believed I would never would write, thus it’s been a humbling … Read more 

Dualies Experience

I’m currently in my third year of the MIT Sloan and Harvard Kennedy School dual degree program. It’s an amazing opportunity to be in both of these schools.
As I finish my third year, I’m starting to understand how these two programs more and more complement each other. The Negotiations course with … Read more 

Cross-Registering at HKS: Adaptive Leadership

One of the benefits of attending MIT Sloan is the ability to cross-register at other MIT departments and/or Harvard. One of the courses that’s most sought out is taught at Harvard Kennedy School. It is called “Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change” taught by either Prof. Ronald Heifetz or one … Read more 

SIPping on the American Dream

Well, that was that.
My final SIP (Sloan Innovation Period) was an amazing experience. I participated in the Living the Dream: Re-envisioning the American Dream for the Next Generation course taught by Prof. Tom Kochan. Over the three days we learned about the evolving wage and productivity gap, researched different variations of … Read more 

A Productive and Insightful Summer at NerdWallet

Every week this summer I set out to write a Sloan and HKS blog post. And every week, I failed. Miserably. My excuse? I loved my summer internship. I arrived at work early (~7am) because I was excited about the work I was doing and I left work late (~10pm) because I … Read more 

Sprinting to the Finish!

Talk about a sprint to the finish! As many of my colleagues would attest, it felt like the month of May has been a sprint to the finish line (my new YouTube clip about perseverance).
There are a lot of things I’ve been processing and thinking a lot about these past … Read more 

C-Function and adMIT Celebration!

This past week was ‘adMIT celebration’ here at Sloan and the South Asian Business club was hosting the C-Function. Mikesh, Priyanka, Parul and others spent weeks in leading the coordination of this amazing event that was beautifully executed.

I was pleasantly ‘nudged’ by Mina (pictured next to … Read more 

Stepping Back to Reality!

It’s amazing how many things are happening at once right now!
I’m still processing my awesome China-Lab experience, dealing with jet-lag, jumping back into school work, Sloan activities and talking to folks about Sloan’s admission process (i.e. talking to folks who were accepted!).
For those who were accepted, major congratulations! This hopefully … Read more 

你好北京!(Hello from Beijing!)

First off, I didn’t write that, Google Translate did.
Secondly, I’m currently in Beijing during SIP and Spring Break working with large IT company as part of my China Lab project. I am here with four of my first-year Sloanies, Danielle, Mael and Tom.

This is us with our awesome … Read more 

Sloan/HKS Dual Degree Weekend Outing!

This past weekend, the Sloan/HKS Dual Degree students headed up to Marblehead, MA for a overnight excursion.
We all know each other somehow, someway, but we’ve never really had the opportunity for a getaway. So, we headed up to Marblehead (which is beauitful, btw) and invested our … Read more