Author: Zach Freeman

The B-School app: Almost there…

Applications for MIT Sloan Round 1 are due at 3pm ET tomorrow. It feels like just yesterday I was… blah blah blah.
Anyway – the brief message below is to everyone suffering from any of the following: exhaustion, anxiety, or self-doubt. Thanks to this wonderful application process, I know I hit all … Read more 

Pre-Term: The First Step

Some call it September 3rd, 2013, 1:30PM EST. Others call it tomorrow morning. Most important: I begin my first official Sloan class! Before diving into the classes, clubs, and recruiting that is waiting just around the corner, I wanted to share my first deep interaction with Sloan: Pre-term.
Pre-term is an optional week-long session before orientation that … Read more 

Sloanie ’15 Meetup – Windy City Edition!

June Chicago Sloanie ’15 Meetup
Over the past few months I’ve enjoyed reading about the dozens of Sloanie ’15 meetups happening around the world. Singapore, Seattle, Delhi, NYC, Madrid, Mexico City, San Francisco… and as of last Thursday, Chicago!
This past Thursday 15 or so of us ’15s got together to meet … Read more 


At 18 years old I left Massachusetts for the midwest. Ten years in Chicago couldn’t shake my Boston-ness: a love for the Red Sox and clam chowder, and a determination to strive and work hard at whatever I do.
So amidst the shock and pain, sitting glued to the tv screen … Read more 

The Next Adventure

Hello, world!
I’m in the 2015 MBA class and will be providing my perspective on the Sloan experience in all of its glory and challenges. This first post will include some introduction so that you know where I’m coming from, but I’m excited to pass along any knowledge and experience I can to … Read more