Cross-Registering at HKS: Adaptive Leadership

One of the benefits of attending MIT Sloan is the ability to cross-register at other MIT departments and/or Harvard. One of the courses that’s most sought out is taught at Harvard Kennedy School. It is called “Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change” taught by either Prof. Ronald Heifetz or one of his colleagues. It is an intense semester long course that is part explanatory (professor teaches), consultative (students work through their own leadership failures) and experimental (this is where this course becomes hard to explain). During IAP (JTerm for HKS), there is “Leadership on the Line,” a two-week, 9am-5:30pm intensive course that builds up on the adaptive leadership framework taught on the fall.  The three other Sloanies in the class thought this was a powerful course where they learned some amazing new skills and personal insights. One Sloanie said of the Fall semester, “The frameworks for orienting the work, the search diagnostic process, depersonalization, and then subsequently the mobilization strategies have all been incredibly useful.” While this Sloanie had to navigate two school’s registration systems for the JTerm, the “conversations in class about our vulnerabilities, our values, our traumas – how they blind us as well as have the potential to strengthen us – I’m still processing, but I know that this is incredibly useful to my personal search.”  Anyhow, here is more information on the Fall Course, the JTerm Course and one of the books we read in class.


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