Wrapping Up My New York Life

Erica Swallow speaking at SkillshareI’ll miss teaching my fellow New York entrepreneurs about how to rock at media relations.

For the past eight years, I’ve lived, worked and played in New York City, and for the past eight weeks, I’ve been preparing to leave it to start the next chapter of my life as an MIT Sloan MBA candidate in Cambridge.

Since announcing my acceptance into Sloan, people have been asking me, “Are you excited?” Quite honestly, I was working so hard on other parts of my life for the past five months that I didn’t have time to be excited! As a tech journalist, I’m always on – the tech startup scene doesn’t stop just because I’ve got other things to worry about. No, it keeps trucking on, and so do I, eager to learn and write about the next big idea and the latest entrepreneurs that will make a difference in this world.

This week, though, I can finally say, “I’M EXCITED, WORLD! I’m ready to take on this adventure into the unknown!”

Let the Moving Begin!

After culling through my belongings, donating and giving away a sizeable portion of them, selling some big items, gathering my packing materials, signing an apartment lease with a new cool roommate, and renting a moving truck, the logistics are in place for my move.

Academically, I’m in the green, too – I’ve applied for the Entrepreneurship & Innovation track and the Competitive Strategy elective, started my leadership assessment, sent in my headshot for the class book, and stayed on top of those super-informative summer newsletters for anything else I might have overlooked.

MIT CHIEF Co-founder DayMIT CHIEF Co-Founder Day showcased a number of entrepreneurs with exciting ideas.

And socially, I’m starting to get the hang of things. I attended the MIT China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum Co-Founder Day this weekend and met a group of amazing minds, a few of which are interested in similar industries and technologies as me. I even pitched my startup idea, Deliverish, a peer-to-peer delivery service!

But, Wait, I’m Going to Miss You, New York!

Before I make the full transition to Cambridge life, though, there’s still one last page to be written in this chapter: Saying my farewells to New York.

I’ve already had quite a few one-on-one goodbyes, but I realized there are just too many people I care about to set up drinks and dinners with before my move-out day, which is five days away. So, in just a few days, I’m throwing an official going away party, my final shindig.

Cheers!My friends Maria Kucinski and Jamall Oluokun and I (center) toast to the fun to come.

Now, never in a million years did I think I’d be the one to throw a going away party – I have a bit of a phobia of throwing parties for myself, ever since my 10th year birthday party was a major flop – I had a great turnout rate, but the problem was that I only invited three friends, two of which actually attended, and my mother had bought a huge cake and decorated for 10. Embarrassing! But, alas, I realized that I need to put aside my fears, and say goodbye to this beautiful group of people who have made the past eight years of my life the biggest adventure of all, so far.

Are You Having a Going Away Party?

For my fellow incoming Sloanies packing up and moving to the Boston area, I fully advocate organizing a goodbye party for yourself. I’ve already started to feel the love via texts and emails, from those who can’t make it. But the 50+ RSVPs in the first day after sending out invitations also gives me hope that this time around is going to be a lot different from my 10-year-old birthday party. People actually love and will miss me, it turns out!

If you haven’t already, take time out to think about the amazing people you’re leaving behind and how they’ve made you who you are, and set up a way for them – and you – to have a bit of short-term closure before you head off for business school. Whether it’s a full-on party or a few smaller get-togethers with your best friends, just do it! I, for one, know that I wouldn’t be complete without this final step.

And, fellow classmates, I am looking forward to meeting you at orientation and starting this new chapter of our lives together. With our eyes on the future, though, let’s not forget to glance back and honor where we’ve been and those who have traveled alongside us. Here’s to a safe and fun-filled trip to Cambridge for all of us!

Images courtesy of Hugo Liu and  Erica Swallow

Erica Swallow

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