Recap: MIT Sloan Diversity Weekend (with video)!

Traditional African Outfits for the Fashion Show

Traditional African Outfits for the Fashion Show

On October 2-3, MIT Sloan hosted some 60 prospective students for Diversity Weekend so that they could become more acquainted with life at our school. Diversity Weekend was an action-packed, two-day event aimed at celebrating the variety of cultures, perspectives, and experiences that Sloan students bring to campus and to foster conversations amongst members of the community.

The events began with a welcome reception where the prospective students had the opportunity to meet current students, members of the admissions office, and school administrators over drinks and hors d’oeuvres. After the reception, the diversity weekend participants got to experience one of the famous Sloan C-functions. The Diversity C-Function was a blast! There was great music, dancing, food, drinks, and entertainment. This video (MIT Sloan C-Function Dance!) shows the tail end of the step show where 18 Sloanies showed off their skills in this historically African-American form of dance. Next, Sloanies faced off during the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap battle. Then, students represented their hometowns by wearing traditional outfits during the “United Nations” Fashion Show and best-dressed contest.

The next morning, MIT Sloan administrators and student leaders welcomed the prospective students to campus and launched an immersive full-day of classroom activities. There were presentations and panel discussions about some of the hallmarks of the Sloan experience including Action Learning labs, study tours, the Career Development Office, and the Leaders for Global Operations and Harvard Kennedy School Dual-Degree programs. There was even a mock class on Game Theory taught by professor Alessandro Bonatti.

I had the pleasure of being one of the organizers for the event and it was wonderful to see our ideas come to life. It was truly a fun and rewarding experience and it brought me closer to members of the Sloan community from all walks of life. I am sure that Diversity Weekend will be a success for years to come!

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