Sloanies take India

I just returned from an amazing two weeks in India.  I traveled to India as part of India Lab, an action learning course.  We were assigned to a company to work with out of Bangalore, and assisted them with high level strategy questions.

We spent two weeks in Bangalore working as a team with our client.  We met with various stakeholders in Bangalore to better center our project work for when we return to the states.  We also had an opportunity to meet Sloan alums in Bangalore, and explore teh city in the evenings!

While in India I traveled extensively with my three other team members.  We went to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Hampi, and Mumbai!  Each place was very different, and I am so excited that we got to see so many different places.





  1. Nice photographs. You should have visited Kerala too… Maybe next time huh?

  2. Amazing Beauty of Tajmahal. Please share more Tajmahal photos.

  3. Sumit Pramanick

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    I’ll be graduate in 2018 with BBA(H) degree.

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