Spring Semester Classes and MIT Sloan Tech Conference!

My classes are finalized! It’s quite the hassle to figure out what classes I want to take, bid, figure out the schedule and then once everything is figured out, you find out you there are even cooler classes! šŸ™‚

  1. Finance II
  2. Business and Tax Strategy
  3. Entrepreneurship Lab
  4. China Action LabĀ 
  5. Portuguese 2

After the core, there are very few academic requirements. Therefore it’s easy to pivot to something that I’m comfortable with (i.e. communications, strategy, negotiations). However, I figure I should ‘eat my vegetables’ and do the tough courses for me (Finance and Business & Tax Strategy). I’m really excited for this semester – I’m getting to meet more Sloanies and it feels less hectic than the fall.

Finally, I just finished organizing the MIT Sloan Tech Conference. It was a great success! I was running the ‘Disrupting Communities’ panel and it was an awesome success with some vibrant discussions about how technology is chaning human interactions and traditional power structures. We had some amazing speakers (check out the panel list and picture below). It was a great turnout on a beautiful Boston weekend (~300 people). You can see my tweets of the conferenceĀ here.


Panel Focus : Disrupting Communities

Moderator:Ā Dr. John Sviokla, Head of Global Thought Leadership, PWC


  • Zachary Bookman,Ā Co-Founder, CEO of OpenGov.com
  • Tyler Willis,Ā VP for Business Development of Unified
  • Amanda Von Goetz,Ā Co-Founder, CEO of Thyme Labs
  • Ian Johnstone,Ā Founder of GunbyGun.org
  • David Beck,Ā Senior Vice President and General ManagerĀ of Social Media at Univision Communications, Inc

I’ll write a quick blog from Beijing in a few weeks!

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