The End of an Amazing Chapter!

Well, this chapter is over. After three years of graduate studies, I now hold degrees from both the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and MIT Sloan School of Management. This is a chapter in my book of life that I believed I would never would write, thus it’s been a humbling honor to have had this phenomenal experience. Here’s a picture of my family and me:


I am currently at a HKS wedding in Cincinnati. My good friend Dan, whom I’ve grown to know over the past three years, stated that I was ‘calmer and secure’. I think that’s very true – this overall experience has allowed me to better understand my strengths, what I love, and what I do well (but may not enjoy as much).

I’ve often thought of this experience in thirds: my first year focused on conforming to the identity of a Harvard Kennedy student through their academic requirements. My second year focused on conforming to the identity of an MIT Sloan student through their academic requirements. And this final year, I focused on conforming to my own identity. Since I no longer needed to fulfill requirements from HKS/Sloan, I could focus on the courses and projects I found intriguing. 

This last year of rounding out this amazing experience has afforded me the unique opportunity to fine tune the skills I need to be a more effective change-agent as I re-enter the workforce with a more nuanced perspective and acumen to succeed.

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