Veteran’s Day at MIT Sloan

Growing up in Texas, Veteran’s Day was a part of the culture.  However, it was not until I started at MIT Sloan that I had the opportunity to get to know so many amazing Veterans.  Although I knew that Sloan would be diverse, I did not expect to meet so many Veterans or realize how little I knew of their experiences.  Their humbleness, thoughtfulness, and dedication to Sloan never cease to amaze me.

I have the privilege of working with a Veteran on my core team.  Despite having been critically injured in Afghanistan, his dedication and hard work led him to MIT Sloan.  He selflessly enlisted in the Special Forces after graduating college.  In the past year he has medically retired from the army, moved across the country, and welcomed a beautiful daughter into the world.  However, despite everything that has happened, he is one of the most focused and dedicated students I know. He continues to lead our team through challenges and assignments – without his focus we would not be where we are today.

I could continue to tell stories about the amazing people that I have met, but I encourage you to come to Sloan and meet them.  Whether you are a Veteran yourself, or have never met someone who has been deployed, this incredible community will welcome you.  You will hear stories of heartbreak and joy, while learning more about your classmates every day.

Veteran’s Day will forever have a new meaning for me.  I am lucky to have met so many amazing people at Sloan, and to learn more about their experiences.  Though I will never fully appreciate the sacrifices they and their families have gone through, I am thankful for their continued dedication and lucky to call them my classmates.   Thank you for your services, and happy Veteran’s Day!

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