MBA Class of 2016

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MBA Class of 2016 candidates. Readers are welcome to leave relevant comments at the bottom of the individual blogpost.

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Gratitude for Two Tremendous Years

On Wednesday afternoon last week I visited Sloan one last time.  I didn’t want to leave Boston without taking a glimpse at the place where I experienced so much.  And now as I race off to my new life on the west coast, I struggle to put into words exactly … Read more 

Reflections on graduation


It hasn’t sunk in yet — that I have graduated from MIT Sloan, and that this spells the end of my formal education (probably?). As I reflect on what is likely my last blog post as a Sloan student on this forum, I want to leave prospective Sloanies with observations that … Read more 

To the Class of 2016: Here’s to the Next Chapter


Sweet Sixteens,
Because my greatest memories of my Sloan experience have been grounded in storytelling, I’d like to begin this final post reflecting on our story together as the Class of 2016:
In the first semester, our story began. We moved quickly from knowing each other based on where we were from … Read more 

To the Class of 2017: Get Ready for Your Second Chance

While I don’t have regrets about my MBA experience, I’d be lying if I said there was nothing I wish I’d done differently. There are plenty of things I’d have changed about my second year, in particular, from classes I wish I’d taken to places I wish I’d traveled. If … Read more 

To the Class of 2018: Prepare for the Extraordinary


Most of you won’t get the chance to know me unless you choose to listen to “The Business of Being Awesome” podcast I started with a fellow Sloanie (highly encouraged) or choose to reach out to me for alumni networking purposes (happy to connect). But in hopes of having you … Read more 

“Across the River and Out of my Comfort Zone”: A Sloanie Sits in at HBS


With less than 3 months until graduation, I’m actively crossing things off of my MBA bucket list. One of the biggest items I wanted to do before I graduated? To cross-register for a course outside of MIT.
If I had one more year, I’d try to get into the “Making of a Politician” … Read more 

Saving the best for last (semester): resolutions for a final term at MIT Sloan

I often tell people that business school is the college experience I never had, academically, personally, and professionally. As an undergraduate, my academic life was overly tied to my GPA, my social life largely circumscribed to the people I sang with or who shared my meal plan, and my would-be … Read more 

Action (Un)Learning

As we’re reaching the end of winter break, IAP, and the Action Learning journey, I’m prepared for the conversation that will plague me for the first two weeks of the spring semester and looks something like this:
[Erica and Sloan Friend make eye contact in E62, E51, or the newly-renovated E52. Smile, … Read more 

SWIM-ing toward the finish line

As I sit in the Houston airport waiting for my flight to South America for G-Lab (or Global Entrepreneurship Lab), I can’t help but reflect back on the past semester. Members of the class of 2016 find themselves at the three-quarter mark of the MBA experience. With only a few … Read more 

WELCOME to Round 1 AdMITs for the Class of 2018!!

Dear Round 1 AdMITs,
You did it! Welcome to MIT Sloan! On behalf of all current students, I want to congratulate you on your acceptance and remind you that we are SO excited to meet you!
As a Sloanie, you will experience so much. You will travel. You will make friends for … Read more 

Outsider on the Inside

Business school is a place where a handful of successful people in their twenties and thirties are handpicked by the Admissions Gods to receive a free pass to acting ten years younger for two years.
It makes sense. Take people who’ve spent the last few years of their lives hacking it … Read more 

The Business School “Balance Sheet”

Speaking as a MBA with plans to enter the retail industry after graduation, I couldn’t help but spend my Thanksgiving break thinking deeply about shopping. I’m a notorious bargain-hunter and well before business school was constantly fascinated by why and how people buy what they buy, and by the manifold … Read more