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Gratitude for Two Tremendous Years

On Wednesday afternoon last week I visited Sloan one last time.  I didn’t want to leave Boston without taking a glimpse at the place where I experienced so much.  And now as I race off to my new life on the west coast, I struggle to put into words exactly … Read more 

Mind the gap!

Breaking the mold of veterans
Traditionally, November 11 is a day of gratitude and/or commemoration, depending on where you grew up in the world. In the United States, we remember wars fought; we also acknowledge men and women who served. Because of the nature of the military experience, there is often a certain … Read more 

Transitioning from the Military- Veteran’s Ambassadors Day

Transitions can be tough. Going from what you’re accustomed to and comfortable with into the unknown can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Last summer I made one of the most significant transitions of my life when I left the military and entered business school. Up to this point, I had … Read more 

Mentorship Runs Deep

Without a doubt, the greatest part of my career as a Submarine Officer was being a mentor to my peers and subordinates.  Submarining is an inherently complicated profession: the process to ‘qualify’ and earn the coveted dolphin insignia is a pursuit that takes most officers and enlisted sailors greater … Read more