Author: Andrea Schneider

Andrea Schneider

Andrea is an MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan, class of 2016. She grew up in Rhode Island and prior to Sloan, was living and working in Cambridge since 2011. Andrea holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island. Her work experience before MIT Sloan involved product development and commercialization of both consumer and industrial products. Andrea has a passion for visual arts, enjoys watercolor painting, cooking Latin American and Asian style cuisine, and builds bicycles as a hobby.

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On Buzzcar, Big Macs, and B-School

When I decided that I would be applying to business school about two years ago, I was actually excited at the idea of professional networking. For about a year, after leaving work in the evenings, I would venture off to all sorts of events: American Chemical Society’s young professional meetups, … Read more 

DesignWorks, and So Do We

Author’s Note: Though I previously posted this on the Design Club blog, I wanted to bring it to my own blog as well. Enjoy! 
Above: [My] Design Works Project Team (from left to right). Angela Xu, Anita Wu, Upekha Weerasinghe, Andrea Schneider, Nick Clote, and Our 2nd Year Mentor, Andrew … Read more 

Breaking the Mold, Starting with Myself

My blog is my own. I’m not given any guidelines, any script, any targets to meet. There’s no auditing – when I publish a post, it’s available for the whole world to see. That’s the most daunting fact. On one hand, it’s amazing to have such autonomy. On the other … Read more 

25 Things I’ve Experienced in 8 Weeks at MIT Sloan

Being 100% dependent on my calendar to tell me where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing.

Sharing my resume with my pre-Sloan boss. Him responding by asking me if he can borrow sections for when he updates his own resume. Feeling on top of the world.
Learning … Read more 

MIT Sloan Will Teach You How to Drink from a Fire Hose

In the two weeks of classes that have elapsed so far this fall semester, I have had more information thrown at me than I could ever imagine: decision trees, arbitrage, demand curves, conditional probability, elasticity? Before Sloan, I used the word “elasticity” to talk about jeggings. Oh, the new meanings … Read more 

A Letter to My Body (from My Brain)

Dear Body,
Thank you for supporting me this past week. It was an intense week for you, wasn’t it?
During our visit to the Warren Center, you really held up. You didn’t get any sunburn or bug bites. You got a little bit bruised from the big ladder. Sorry about that. Thanks … Read more 

First Post: Introduction, Pre-Orientation Classes, and the Welcome Clambake

Okay, so here goes my first MIT Sloan Class of 2016 MBA Blog Post! First on the agenda, some quick notes about me:

Those of you who know me (or have met me at least once) know that I am a very sarcastic person. I will try to keep my sarcasm … Read more