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Ankita Kaul

Trained electrical engineer turned business strategist - with experience in venture-backed startups (product marketing & user experience design) and management consulting. Lover of disruptive technologies, wearable computing, travel, cooking, and random acts of kindness. MIT Sloan MBA 2016.

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Working at Facebook: Selfies with Sheryl (and other musings)

Summer is officially over! I’m back in Cambridge, ready to take on my final year after a rather interesting summer interning at Facebook. If you haven’t figured it out from my earlier posts yet – personal growth and self-reflection are super important to me (especially while in this “self-incubating” period I … Read more 

3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Business School

It’s taken me well into my MBA summer internship to fully come to terms with the fact that my b-school experience is halfway over. And, it feels strange – so strange – to reflect on how much has happened over the past year. If you had told me in July 2014 what … Read more 

A Whirlwind Second Semester (as seen in pictures)

Despite my desire to actually sit down and write another blog post here, the second semester ended up being so insane (in a good way!) that I am just now getting to wind down a bit. Now that the semester is over, I’d love to share some sort of deep post-first-year-of-business-school … Read more 

Don’t Go To Business School If…

I remember starting last semester as a doe-eyed new student, strangely excited by the prospect of being back in school. The whole orientation week was quite a blur, but my mind somehow keeps coming back to one visual we were shown: an image of concentric circles forming a target. The center … Read more 

When Opportunity Comes Knocking

As my classmates were getting ready to traverse the globe, dabble in entrepreneurial ventures, prep for recruiting season, or taking short MIT classes intended to broaden your horizon like ice sculpting — I had other plans of how I would spend IAP. For those not familiar with it, IAP (Independent Activities … Read more 

Istanbul, Autumn, And Other Happenings

As cliche as it sounds – it truly feels like it was just yesterday that we were just starting orientation. But, the 287 iPhone pictures I apparently took and countless others that got sent to me, just in the month of October, tell a very different story. Today I give you … Read more 

Mental Metamorphosis – Stage 1

Seated comfortably and looking out the window on my flight from Boston to San Francisco, I’m trying to relax but my mind keeps wandering back to school. It’s been the most brutal week in business school thus far: 3 midterms down, 1 persuasive speech (where they film you, eeek!), on … Read more 

Basking In The Beginnings

It’s Sunday morning—the day before orientation begins—and I find myself awake at an absurdly early hour, sitting in front of my MacBook, and typing with such fervor that it’d probably put [insert name of your favorite author] to shame. Though invited in May to start composing my introductory post to … Read more