Author: Hailey Crowel & Michelle Travis

Hailey Crowel & Michelle Travis

Hailey Crowel and Michelle Travis are co-leading marketing and outreach for Breaking the Mold. Hailey is a first-year Sloanie from Hawaii pursuing the Entrepreneurship & Innovation track. Prior to school, she spent more than four years at Google, both in San Francisco and Australia, helping some of the world's largest travel brands develop digital marketing strategies. Hailey plans to pursue a career in tech strategy and venture capital. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English & Comparative Literary Studies from Occidental College in Los Angeles. Michelle is a 2016 Sloanie in the Enterprise Management track and resident Bostonian. Before Sloan, Michelle spent over four years working in strategy and business development for a large financial services firm. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Boston College. Outside of class and activities, they’ve made time to explore the best of New England in fall, including apple picking and cider donuts.

Let’s Work on Breaking the Mold

A month into school, the 2016 Sloanies are now quite involved in activities on campus.  There are a number of career-focused clubs as well as a few less professionally-oriented organizations (Happy Belly Club, anyone?).  But as members of the Sloan Women in Management club (or SWIM for short), we’re particularly … Read more