Author: Lakshmi Kannan

Lakshmi Kannan

Former economic and litigation consultant, first year MBA @ MIT Sloan, interested in technology and operations, podcast fanatic, Econ blogosphere enthusiast, coffee snob.

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Reflections on graduation

It hasn’t sunk in yet — that I have graduated from MIT Sloan, and that this spells the end of my formal education (probably?). As I reflect on what is likely my last blog post as a Sloan student on this forum, I want to leave prospective Sloanies with observations that … Read more 

The End of First Year

I am writing this on my six-hour flight to San Francisco where I will be spending the next three months interning at a tech company. The possibilities of working again, especially in a new city in a new industry, are exciting. Reflections are incredibly difficult to do in business school. … Read more 

Treks, Study Tours, Action Learning Labs

Sloan (and business school in general) has plenty of opportunities to travel. The alphabet soup of various travel opportunities can be confusing. I will attempt to untangle a few of them here.
Action Learning Labs: These are courses which meet like any regular course at Sloan, have an academic credit component … Read more 

The Yarn

If you decide to come to Sloan, you’ll go to the Yarn. And if you’re like me, you’ll never miss a Yarn. Yarn is a story telling venue where Sloanies share personal stories in a setting quite like no other. As they advertise, “These stories are impactful, tragic, funny, life-changing, … Read more 

The Electives aka Bidding

My lovely classmate, Erica Zendell, talked about her perfectly curated Spring semester class schedule. I’d like to take a few minutes to demystify the bidding process for the uninitiated.
Since some classes and professors are very popular and demand exceeds supply, Sloan (and most other business schools) has a bidding … Read more 

The Tech Club Trek aka Ship Love

Last week, thirty Sloanies descended on to Seattle and the Silicon Valley/Bay Area for the MIT Sloan Technology Club trek during IAP. IAP, for the uninitiated is Independent Activities Period, MIT’s version of the “Jan term” where you can travel, take fun classes like chocolate making and poker analytics or … Read more 

Earning the Right to be at MIT Sloan

“There are no admissions mistakes. Rod Garcia’s team does not make mistakes.” I heard this repeated over and again this past week. I wondered why MIT Sloan, an institution filled with confident, brilliant, high-achieving leaders, felt the need to emphasize this message. As each day of orientation progressed, I began … Read more