Author: Reegy Laloi

Reegy Laloi

Reegy Laloi is from East Orange, N.J. He graduated from Georgetown University as a Finance and Management double major. Post-Graduation, Reegy worked at IBM within various worldwide finance coordinator roles, including pricing, balance sheet and SG&A expense. Outside of work and school, he pursues his altruistic endeavors by volunteering with college and career prep programs and enjoys playing soccer.

My Finance Experience at MIT Sloan

As a student at MIT Sloan, I am continuously reminded of the unprecedented achievements of our faculty and alumni that continue to fortify MIT Sloan’s presence in finance. Having studied finance previously at Georgetown University, I have immersed myself in MIT Sloan’s finance curricula to further enhance my knowledge in … Read more 

Overcoming the Enigma of Minority Representation in Senior Leadership

As a person of color, I had always viewed a minority’s progression through the ranks of senior business leadership as an enigma. “Although comprising nearly 30% of the US population, African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans comprise only 3% of senior leaders in corporations, non-profits and entrepreneurial ventures (” Standing at the crossroads … Read more