Author: Roseliny Genao

Roseliny Genao

Roseliny is a first-year MBA student at MIT Sloan. Her prior professional experience prior spans financial services, technology and education. At MIT Sloan, she looks forward to building expertise in strategy and entrepreneurship, especially through Sloan's flagship programs in action-learning.

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Reflecting on My India Lab Experience

Almost two weeks have passed since I returned from India as part of the on-site research component for my action-learning course Economy and Business in Modern China and India. I still find my mind escaping to relive the rich experiences that I had, and when asked about the trip by … Read more 

India Lab: Week 2 in India’s Silicon Valley

Returning to Bangalore after trips to Delhi and Agra was like returning home – the Silicon Valley of India had grown on us, and we looked forward to returning to mild weather and booming business within the residential neighborhood of Jayanagar.
Our team had front-loaded all of our on-site research and … Read more 

Countdown to AdMIT Weekend!

You know your MBA experience as a first-year student is flying by when you’re already welcoming admitted students to the class of 2017. With less than one week until the first of two AdMIT Weekends, the MIT Sloan community is buzzing again in anticipation of the arrival of our future … Read more 

Conferences & The MBA Experience

One of the principal reasons to attend business school is to expand one’s professional and personal networks, and indeed there are many ways to do this. Starting on-campus is the easiest way but if you truly want to see your network grow exponentially, venture out into the world of MBA … Read more 

Welcoming Prospective Students at Sloan’s Diversity Weekend

When asked why I decided to host a prospective student during MIT Sloan’s Diversity Weekend, the answer was quite simple: I do not want prospective students (especially women and under-represented minorities) to self-select themselves out of applying to Sloan. With so much scrutiny on diversity challenges in the workplace (and … Read more 

Student-Led Life at Sloan: Club Fest!

Sloan time passes by fast…and I am not referring to the 5-minute buffer that students get at the bookends of each class!
By now, the class of 2016 is fully immersed in campus life and it started just a few weeks back at Club Fest. With only one minute to convince us … Read more 

From Clambake to Sea Function: Coming Home to MIT Sloan, the Home of Innovation

Orientation Week for the MBA Class of 2016 was in many ways like coming home, except for the first time! With every welcome remark that we listened to or activity that we engaged in, orientation week reminded me why I am proud to be here and demonstrated how our class must … Read more