First Post: Introduction, Pre-Orientation Classes, and the Welcome Clambake

Okay, so here goes my first MIT Sloan Class of 2016 MBA Blog Post! First on the agenda, some quick notes about me:

  1. Those of you who know me (or have met me at least once) know that I am a very sarcastic person. I will try to keep my sarcasm to a minimum on this blog, because I know how hard it is to read sarcasm in text. That being said, sarcasm is deeply rooted in my personality and it might be hard for me to avoid.
  2. Even though MIT is new for me, Cambridge is not. Firstly, I am originally from Rhode Island, which is basically a vestige of Massachusetts. Second, I worked in Cambridge for the past 3+ years of my life. However, I worked in West Cambridge, and this is East Cambridge, and the two are basically opposites (East Cambridge is beautiful and West Cambridge was built on a landfill).
  3. I have tons of great skills. Writing isn’t my best one. I don’t have a huge SAT vocabulary and so most of this blog is going to be VERY layman speak-ish. Sorry I don’t sound smarter. I promise (maybe) that I am.
  4. Last but not least, my background is in chemistry and I know little to no business jargon, so please bear with me.
  5. I really love lists.

Okay, now that that’s done, I want to pat myself on the back for (almost) finishing a great first week of being involved on campus! Today is the last day of pre-term classes (for those of us who had no business background/needed a refresher). Next week our orientation adventure will begin. I am super excited for next week, but I also want to revel in all of the great things that happened in the weeks leading up until this point. A couple months ago, some of the Boston area admits met up at Meadhall, a fancy beer bar in Kendall Square. We almost got kicked out because we were trying to make the human MIT inside the bar, which, in retrospect, doesn’t look very safe.

We moved our photoshoot outside and successfully managed to take this great picture. I’m the one crossing the T.


Nearly 3 weeks ago, I moved on campus with my SO into Eastgate family housing. Not only do I have a great view, but it is super convenient for getting to class. I have been trying not to rub it in people’s faces, but the view and commute are so great that I can’t help but advertise this amazing situation!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.09.18 AM
This is my walk from my apartment to E62. E51 is just as close. Score!
eastgate view
This is a view of the sunset from my living room window. Amazing, right?


My SO (significant other) John and I with fellow Sloanies David and Ahmed at BHP (Beacon Hill Pub), MIT Sloan’s favorite dive bar.


Because my chemistry background did not involve any economics or accounting training, I decided to enroll in all three pre-orientation classes (math/stats, economics, and accounting). Before this week, I didn’t know the first thing about accounting or economics – now I can read a balance sheet (thanks to Daniel Saavedra Lux) as well as understand supply/demand curves (thanks to Sara Hernandez). The material in math/stats wasn’t totally new to me, but the pre-orientation course certainly helped remove the cobwebs that have gathered since undergrad (thanks to Maxime Cohen). After classes yesterday, there was an info fair inside E51. I basically walked out of my class and into a free swag mob. It was awesome.

info fair
Unfortunately, I did not find any bags of money at the info fair.



This is all of the swag I collected this week.


Then I took my fellow Sloanie Kate Agnew to get her ID card. I got mine last week, so I knew how to get to the card office. Sort of. We got a little lost. Eventually, we found it! The card office is in the Stratton Center, which is located behind this giant numbers body sculpture.

 Here we celebrate our victory of finding the Stratton Center.


Oh, and Donis Perkins came to campus to take professional photographs of us Sloanies. He is an amazing photographer and having FREE* access to professional photos is an amazing resource. (* = included in tuition, which technically isn’t free.)

Some beautiful Sloanies, Adler and Kate, dressed to the nines for their Donis Perkins photo shoot.


The week wrapped up with an amazing clambake smorgasbord in which I had surf and turf and chicken all on the same plate. Who could ask for more?

My fellow ’16 Sloanies Sandeep, Vicky, Tracy, and Naoki enjoying the clambake. 


Jay and Arthur were also enjoying themselves at the Clambake.


All in all, MIT has been great to me so far. Stay tuned for next week’s post that will cover orientation and a MIT Sloan Pre-F(x) whitewater rafting adventure. I hope you are as excited as I am.

So long,

Andrea Schneider

Andrea is an MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan, class of 2016. She grew up in Rhode Island and prior to Sloan, was living and working in Cambridge since 2011. Andrea holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of Rhode Island. Her work experience before MIT Sloan involved product development and commercialization of both consumer and industrial products. Andrea has a passion for visual arts, enjoys watercolor painting, cooking Latin American and Asian style cuisine, and builds bicycles as a hobby.

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  1. Sounds awesome. I wanna see the details of the clambake.

  2. Harriet Barnett

    Andrea: Readers are waiting with bated breath to hear whether you not only survived whitewater rafting, but also had a good time. Please post more (and often).

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