My Finance Experience at MIT Sloan

As a student at MIT Sloan, I am continuously reminded of the unprecedented achievements of our faculty and alumni that continue to fortify MIT Sloan’s presence in finance. Having studied finance previously at Georgetown University, I have immersed myself in MIT Sloan’s finance curricula to further enhance my knowledge in this space. My finance coursework infuses MIT’s breakthroughs in financial economics including the Black-Scholes/Merton option-pricing model, the Modigliani-Miller theorems and many others that not only cultivate my financial ingenuity but also spur my intellectual curiosity to innovate habitually and ethically within my finance career. Finance is an art and at MIT Sloan, one is awarded a synthetic brush, innumerable color palettes and a prodigious canvass to create one’s own masterpiece.

As I reflect on my first-year in the Finance Track, I am very fortunate to have taken classes such as Finance Theory II under the empiricist, Professor Paul Asquith where I am challenged every class to translate financial theory into practice. I have been inspired to think and act unconventionally after hearing Professor Andrew Lo’s presentation on how financial engineering can solve the labyrinth of drug development and combat cancer. Every conversation with my peers galvanizes me to analyze complex financial issues through an eyeglass of objectivity and technical rigor. I am honored to be in this thought-provoking finance ecosystem.

As I embark on my journey of fueling liquidity and strategic advisory in the technology sector as an investment banker, I embody a unique identity. I will wear MIT Sloan as my badge of honor. No other institution on this planet can give one such a heightened sense of awareness and robust financial arsenal to analyze vigorously and complete the task at hand with confidence and precision. I am an MIT Sloan student in the Finance Track; under the tutelage of my advisors, alumni and professors, I will expand my footprint in the finance industry and build a legacy beyond my wildest dreams.

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Reegy Laloi

Reegy Laloi is from East Orange, N.J. He graduated from Georgetown University as a Finance and Management double major. Post-Graduation, Reegy worked at IBM within various worldwide finance coordinator roles, including pricing, balance sheet and SG&A expense. Outside of work and school, he pursues his altruistic endeavors by volunteering with college and career prep programs and enjoys playing soccer.

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