My First Week in China

My first week in Guangzhou was great. I had the pleasure of meeting my Lingnan MBA group partners, Phoebe and Grace, and getting to know them on a more personal level than email and Skype had previously allowed. I think that having had the opportunity to have this face-to-face interaction and bond as a team will make it much easier to work with one another when I return to Boston. Our first day involved meeting the Lingnan MBA students, touring their campus, and having a feast for lunch. Here is a photograph of my team on campus on the first day.

China Lab group

On our second day, we had the opportunity to visit ALOG’s corporate offices and the warehouse to really get a detailed understanding of their process and procedures. Lakshmi and I even had the opportunity to engage in the picking process and filled 6 orders! It is remarkable how much more you can learn from engaging in a process itself rather than just reading or hearing about it. My visit to the warehouse really helped inform my understanding of ALOG’s process and allowed me to also make observations about how the process could be improved. I am excited to see how the project will continue to develop over the semester now that we have had this on-site opportunity.

Dining in Guangzhou has been a bit “hit or miss” –we have been able to try some great Chinese food but have sometimes struggled to order what we actually want given the language barrier. Many of us have also found ourselves missing Western food – so much so that we have made frequent late-night trips to the nearby Mickey D’s to get Oreo Blizzards! One of our most noteworthy and authentic dining experiences was when we had hot pot at a restaurant called Hai Di Lao. There were many performances at this restaurant and I even had the opportunity to dance with some of the performers! The food was great and we had a fun group of people so we really enjoyed each others company.

Hai Di Lao

That’s all I have to report for now, but I will post another update this weekend to share more about my sightseeing experiences and my second week in China.

Sahar Dar

Sahar is a first-year MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management. A native of the Midwest, she comes to Sloan after 7+ years working in Chicago, first as a corporate M&A attorney, and then as a law school administrator and adjunct professor. While at her law firm, Sahar established and ran a pro bono program for domestic violence victims, which she later expanded to a citywide legal clinic that she directed for two years. Sahar received her JD from the University of Pennsylvania Law School with a certificate in Business & Public Policy from The Wharton School. She also holds a BA in International Studies, Psychology, and Economics, from Case Western Reserve University. At Sloan, Sahar serves as a Vice President of the Real Estate Club, the Travel & Hospitality Club, and the Net Impact Club, and is also on both Sloan Senate and the Graduate Student Council. She is passionate about community service, and enjoys reading historical fiction novels, playing board games, travel, movies, acrylic painting, and Sudoku puzzles.

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