Almost halfway through the first semester of my second year, some of my most rewarding activities of the school year have been working with the new 1st year class — the MBA class of 2017.

Along with several other 2nd-years, I volunteered to help out during Orientation as a Pilot to a 1st-year core team (essentially just a 2nd-year point of contact who helps the team connect during the first week and provides some support throughout the semester). I ended up Piloting the Mediterranean Gulls (hey, guys!) and accompanied them throughout Orientation and the various team-building exercises built into that first week on campus. They are a team of really impressive, kind, and interesting people, and it has been a great experience for me so far getting to know them. Below is a photo of the Gulls holding up “good luck” notes I wrote before their first exams!

Mediterranean Gulls

In addition to being a Pilot, I’m also a TA in 15.280 – Communication for Leaders, one of the core classes all 1st-years are required to take. It’s a privilege to work with Kara Blackburn, one of the most engaging professors at Sloan, and it’s also a privilege to help the 1st years in my section reach the communication goals they set out for themselves during the first class. One of those students, Josh Chen, wrote a blog post that described one of his experiences in class giving an impromptu presentation.

Reflecting on the ways I connect with the 1st year class, I realized that my experience (and that of the many, many other 2nd years who are doing similar things) is really indicative of the community we have at Sloan. People are constantly helping each other out and making the effort to share knowledge and experience. I see this between the 1st and 2nd year classes, but also between current and prospective students. The #sloanieshelpingsloanies hashtag is sometimes used jokingly, but it really is an accurate description of the way we interact with each other here. So, prospective students out there, reach out! Sloanies will, I’m sure of it, help where they can.

Below: The Mediterranean Gulls and their pilot on the first day of Orientation, as well as the team after the raft-building activity at the Warren Center!

Gulls First Day

Gulls Rafting



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