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If you decide to come to Sloan, you’ll go to the Yarn. And if you’re like me, you’ll never miss a Yarn. Yarn is a story telling venue where Sloanies share personal stories in a setting quite like no other. As they advertise, “These stories are impactful, tragic, funny, life-changing, and reflect some of the quiet moments where the storytellers’ values and insights made a difference.” Being at MIT, you get used to being around a certain calibre of high-achieving individuals who seem to magically juggle 7 courses, 3 clubs, run marathons, start companies, are parents and look impeccably fresh every waking minute. We don’t spend enough time talking about failures, the difficulty, the mess, and the deeply personal decisions that lie behind all the “successes.” The Yarn to be is a venue to share these stories. 

Every Yarn, I am touched by the incredible honesty and courage of my fellow classmates. I am in awe of their stories – where they’ve been and what they’ve learned and the beautiful human brings they are, and most importantly – their willingness to share these stories. Admitting vulnerability is critical to being successful leaders and I am grateful #myMITSloan provides me with an opportunity to share them. As the last speaker today closed out, everyone (especially those seem most “successful”) is messy, it’s really a question of which mess and the degree of messiness. The sooner we embrace it, the better leaders, and human beings, we can be in this world.


Lakshmi Kannan

Former economic and litigation consultant, first year MBA @ MIT Sloan, interested in technology and operations, podcast fanatic, Econ blogosphere enthusiast, coffee snob.

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