Transitioning from the Military- Veteran’s Ambassadors Day

Transitions can be tough. Going from what you’re accustomed to and comfortable with into the unknown can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Last summer I made one of the most significant transitions of my life when I left the military and entered business school. Up to this point, I had spent pretty much my entire adult life in the military. A few short weeks after I graduated from high school, I arrived at the United States Military Academy at West Point and began my career in the US Army. Upon graduation, I became an infantry officer and served in a variety of leadership positions for the next eight years. During that time, I experienced the true meaning of teamwork and collaboration. I was consistently surrounded by people who were eager to put aside their personal desires and work together for the greater good. My fellow soldiers and I faced a wide array of extreme challenges and always rose to the occasion because we were willing to collaborate and work together.


When I hung up my combat boots and began the transition to business school, I felt that I would never experience that type of collaborative environment again. I was under the impression that the business world was full of people that were only concerned with themselves and those that just wanted to advance their own careers. This impression rapidly dissipated when I arrived at MIT Sloan. From the beginning of my time here, I have been immersed in a unique culture of teamwork and innovation. Every experience I have had thus far has involved some type of collaboration with my classmates. I quickly realized that Sloanies truly want to make a difference in the world by working together.


Impact and collaboration. That is what motivated me during my time in the Army, and it is something that holds true at MIT Sloan. This type of culture, combined with a close-knit and active Veterans Club, makes MIT Sloan the perfect place for military veterans making the transition to the business world.


If you’re a military veteran considering the transition to business school, I encourage you to come to the MIT Sloan Veteran’s Ambassadors Day on Thursday October 1st. It will be a worthwhile event that will give you firsthand exposure to our unique culture. Come meet current students, alumni, and administrators during a day full of fun and informative activities. Please see the link below for more details. Hope to see you there!

Joe McGovern

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