“Why Sloan?” – Let’s talk about fit.

“Why Sloan?” — I’m sure many of the current applicants out there have been asking MBA students this very question about several schools, and I think the answer has to do with finding the right fit. When it comes to choosing an MBA program, fit is one of the most important things to consider. Fit is not a tangible metric like average GMAT scores or magazine rankings. Instead, it’s that feeling you get, when you’re in the right place, that you’re home and you’re being the person you want to be (or are on the right path, anyway!).

You’ll hear a lot of words related to culture at MIT: humble, down to earth, diverse, innovative, inclusive, community, etc… The list could go on and on. Talking to students and alumni will reinforce these values you’ve already heard about (Because they’re true! Really!), but you must must must also think about your personal fit and what being at a place like Sloan would do for you.

In my experience so far, being at Sloan has made me both extremely uncomfortable and extremely happy. I’m uncomfortable in a good way, in the sense that I’m overwhelmed by incredible opportunities and encouraged to take risks. I’m happy because even though it’s not easy, I know that the risks I’m taking now are helping shape me into who I hope to be. I’m also learning so much — honestly, I can’t believe we’re not even halfway through the semester — and I’m having a great time doing it, too. Best of all, I’m surrounded by some pretty incredible people who inspire me daily. This is the fit I was looking for and it’s what I’ve found here at Sloan.

What fit are you looking for? Where will you find that? The only way to know for sure is to talk to as many people as you can at programs that interest you and visit campus if possible. We have a great Ambassadors Program at Sloan — take advantage of it! But also try to hang out around campus on your own for a bit and visualize yourself as a student here. How does it feel? Good? Great!

…And just for fun, here’s a photo of the Mighty Mediterranean Ocean at Sloan Olympics (See? We DO have fun here!) — We took 2nd place!



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