MBA Class of 2017

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MBA Class of 2017 candidates. Readers are welcome to leave relevant comments at the bottom of the individual blogpost.

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MBA Students Attend Conference on Green Buildings in Israel

On June 27th 2017, two recent graduates from the Sloan MBA class of 2017 (Aurelle Amram and Virginia Maloney) attended the Financial Innovation Lab “Accelerating the adoption of green technologies in offices, commercial buildings and hotels” on behalf of MIT Sloan and the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative in Jerusalem, … Read more 

Final thoughts to my Sloanies

A few hundred new friends. It’s been 2 fabulous years. From Sloan student government to Sloan’s Class Gift committee, from piloting an amazing group of first years to TAing a couple of classes, from taking trips together to the Caribbean, South America and Asia, I have learned so many intricate … Read more 

Finance at Sloan – A Note for Prospectives

Growing up in central China, I always held a deep passion for infrastructure projects. It was the transportation and telecommunication facilities that allowed me to see and to continuously explore the unknown world. This motivated me to study Civil Engineering during my undergraduate and graduate studies and to join a … Read more 

Transatlantic Cordon Bleu

I have several unusual culinary proclivities. When I was a child, I would ask to be excused from the dinner table and scrape my plate behind the floral-patterned couch in the living room, the one against the far wall. Oddly, although this home-cooked food caused great aversion, I’ve always looked … Read more 

One Semester Left …

5 months till graduation. 5 months till my MBA experience will be all over. While it seems so short, these next months will be filled with classes, projects, trips and parties. I will strive to make the most of my time, and when finished I know I’ll have some fond memories to look back … Read more 

New Beginnings

January brings a new year for all of us. For some, it comes with new resolutions. For the US it means a new president. For many first year MBAs at Sloan it marks the start of on-campus recruiting. For second year MBAs, whose days of internship recruiting are far behind … Read more 

Ask Me Anything Series: Embracing Sloan’s Diversity and Influencing World Views

When I first came to Sloan, I was amazed by how incredibly diverse the student body was. Not just by race or ethnicity but by educational and professional background, sexual orientation, religious background, and life experiences. As a dual degree student in the three-year MBA-MPA program with MIT Sloan and … Read more 

“Sloan Serves” Kick Off Event

Sloanies have always prided themselves on the myriad of service opportunities available at the school. Each year, students plan a variety of service projects and public service programs ranging from volunteer days at local non-profit agencies to hosting students through BUILD and from working on international development consulting projects … Read more 

Action Learning Check-In: L-Lab is my Stretch Zone

One of my goals during my time at Sloan was to pursue an Action Learning Lab since I learn best by doing. Action Learning is at the heart of MIT Sloan and the labs provide a chance to channel all of your coursework into a project for a domestic or … Read more 

LGBTQ Ambassadors Day 2016


Every semester, the Admissions Office at MIT Sloan and the LGBTQ Club organize an all-day event for prospective students of the LGBTQ community who want to hear more about life at MIT Sloan. This fall, the event was held on October 20th, and we had in attendance over 20 … Read more 

Diversity Days: The Perfect Way for Applicants to Meet Sloanies


Prospective students at the MIT Trust Center for Entrepreneurship during MIT Sloan’s Diversity Days
MIT Sloan hosted its annual Diversity Days on September 29th and 30th. The programming for Diversity Days is designed by Admissions Office in collaboration with the Hispanic Business Club, Black Business Student Association, and Africa Business Club … Read more 

Fast Forward – Building your future at MIT


On the edge, that’s how I feel when starting the second year of my MBA at MIT Sloan.
One year behind, one year ahead, and realizing how incredible and unique this experience is. I feel the urge of making the most of every minute. I feel more confident about my skillset … Read more