Author: Andrew Kao

Andrew Kao

Andrew is a first year MBA student. Prior to Sloan, he worked at Google and at an economic consulting firm. He also interned at Everlane this past summer and hopes to pursue opportunities in the retail/tech space after business school. Born and raised in California, he is terrified of the Boston winter and struggles to stay awake watching his beloved LA sports teams.

A SoCal Summer

It’s incredible how quickly time has flown by. Realizing that the MBA journey is already half over has galvanized me to deepen the friendships I’ve made thus far at Sloan and to go out of my way to connect with those I have yet to meet. As someone who will … Read more 

Sloan Love: Thoughts from a Married Couple at Sloan

Here at Sloan, we take pride in our community, and this community easily extends to SOs – significant others.
So in the midst of meeting new people and building relationships during the first semester at Sloan, a common ice-breaker question is: “Are you a Sloanie or an SO?” The question is helpful, … Read more