Author: Anna Thomas

Anna Thomas

Anna is pursuing an MBA from Sloan and an MPP from Harvard, graduating in 2018. In a previous life, she was an international strategy and operations consultant at McKinsey & Company and a strategic initiatives fellow at Khan Academy. Anna is an avid traveler, food and wine consumer, modern literature reader, Arabic learner, and rescue dog advocate. Anna dreams of one day working at the intersection of labor productivity, vocational education, retail, and emerging markets - any ideas?

An Introvert’s Thoughts on Group Work

Introverts don’t usually like working in groups. Business school involves a lot of group work. So, by the transitive property, introverts shouldn’t really like business school.
I certainly fit the first part of this equation. In college, if I saw a team project on a syllabus, I’d go running – hours … Read more 

An Introvert’s Thoughts on Orientation

I haven’t heard my voice in a while.
The title of this missive may lead you to believe that I’ve gone into my shell and avoided human contact for weeks. This time around, however, I’ve actually worn my voice out with too much talking, cheering, shouting, and singing screeching since I officially kicked off … Read more 

An Introvert’s Guide to the MBA

Here’s what I’ve heard about business school: it’s amazing. Sloan is amazing. The MBA program is amazing. The activities are amazing. The opportunities are amazing. The travel is amazing. And, perhaps most importantly, the people are amazing, the friendships are amazing, and the social life is amazing.
And this is why … Read more